UNESCO World Heritage Site

Al-Ahsa Oasis... The Saudi fifth site joined the International Humanitarian Heritage of (UNESCO) after (Madame'n Saleh, Tarif neighborhood of historical Derieyah, Historic Jaddah, and Rock drawings at both sites of Juba and Shweims in Hail area).

His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, President of the National Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, announced the registration of Al-Ahsa Oasis on the UNESCO World Heritage List, during a meeting of the World Heritage Committee held in Manama, Capital of Bahrain on 15 Shawal 1439 H ( Corresponding to 29 June 2018).

This registration was a result of high eligibility and entitlement, as the Oasis characterized as one of the largest and most famous natural palm oases in the world, through the water springs and wells of fresh water that irrigates more than 3 million palm trees, that producing the best and finest types of dates, as well as the important cultural history and geographical location of Al-Ahsa, where the earliest human settlement thereof, starts by the fifth millennium BC, the matter that make it as a major link between ancient civilizations for thousands of years.